Fighting the Good Fight

Most people are able to empathize with the statement that life is a fight. If you are someone interested in being effective, bringing change, and making a difference your life will have many fights and battles. The question is, are you fighting the good fight?


It does not matter what role you play, whether a CEO, stay-at-home mom, sales person or whatever specific title resides under your name on your business card, we all face daily battles. Battles to keep the organization moving toward the vision, battles to teach and discipline our children in order for them to become mature adults, battles to show people a new way of life that allows them to focus more on their goals and dreams. 

Life is a battle. Everyday you have a choice to fight the good fight. Here are a few ways to tell if you might be giving up and retreating.

  1. Everyday seems to be a dull routine. There is nothing wrong with having a routine. Routines are a good way for us to be most effective with our time. The problem is when we stay in our routine because it is familiar, even after it has lost its effectiveness. Tomorrow, ask yourself why every time you do something that feels familiar. Why am I doing this and might there be a better way or something else entirely I should be doing now to bring about my goals and vision? Always be evaluating your effectiveness. You’ll find a vibrancy for life in it.
  2. You can’t see the finish line. Where are you heading in life? Do you see the finish line off in the distance? I remember sitting in a large room during my college freshmen orientation and the speaker told us to look around the room because only one out of every four people in the room would actually graduate from this school in four years. What was amazing is that not only was the speaker right but even out of those of us who graduated a very small percentage are actually working in the field of our area of study. For most of us, the finish line has changed. Have you made adjustments? Have you looked ahead to a new finish line or are you still moping around the old race track, reminiscing on the old glory days. Move on and fix your eyes on the new finish line.
  3. You don’t know how to run the race. Maybe you know where you are heading, you are just facing some frustrations with how to get there. Remember, no one is fully prepared today to fight all the battles in life effectively. That is why athletes continue to practice and soldiers continue to train. Who are the people you know who are running a similar race or who are close to finishing a similar race who you could meet with for wisdom and insight? What are some of the books you know would help you that you should be making time to read? Are you taking time to reflect on a regular basis to evaluate the path you are on to accomplish your goals and vision?

No soldier enters into battle completely prepared. This doesn’t mean the battle isn’t coming. For us, the battle is here and the fight faces us every day we wake up. I hope this encourages you to look around and evaluate what you might be able to do to fight well. Remember, you’re not alone. Let’s stand together and encourage each other in the fight for our goals and the vision we desire to bring into reality.

Are you fighting the good fight? What are some ways you stay engaged in the daily fight?

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