Just Have a Little Faith

Doubt is one of the biggest obstacles every human being will face throughout their life. Overcoming these hurdles with faith and perseverance is a primary key to achieving success in the vision and goals you set for yourself. Let’s talk through a few ways to face doubt and increase our faith.


First, I think it’s important to state that we should deal with doubt. Having doubts are not a bad thing. In fact, our doubts can give us insight into problems and trouble areas in our visions and goals, which allow us to fix them before we have spent too much time going in the wrong direction. Where doubts become obstacles is when they paralyze us from moving forward and instead stall us out, or worse, cause us to move backwards in fear.

The Urgency of Expectancy

Are you tired and exhausted? Are you worn down by the aches and pains of decaying body? Do you live in a cloud of mild depression because life didn’t go as you intended and the goals and dreams of your youth are all but a distant memory? Are you broken by the realities of a sinful world that has brought pain and devastation to your previous safe and comfortable life? Do you the feel the weight of failure as a spouse or a parent and your inability to be the person who can solve every problem that comes your way?

Urgent Expectancy

In Mark 5:21-43 we meet two people who easily fit into the categories above.

A Most Urgent Matter

A young boy is fighting against the riptide and begins to drown. A pregnant woman’s water breaks and the closest hospital is an hour away. A man’s climbing harness breaks and he clings to the rope with all his might. These are situations where a sense of urgency swells within us. The time for conversation and deliberation has passed and quick action is needed. When I look at my own life and the lives of many of the people around me, I see more often than not a lack of urgency and it’s slowly sucking the life from our intended trajectories and legacies.


Is your life marked by urgency? Or is it marked more by slothfulness, laziness, and apathy? 

In Search of Joy

Do you consider yourself a joyful person? For me, I had never really given it much thought until recently. That is, until I stepped foot in Ethiopia and my view on joy moved from just thoughts to actual application. I hope what I found in Dilla, Ethiopia inspires you to search and find for yourself. And hopefully it won’t cost you a trip around the world…or maybe it will.

Ethiopia Girls

I spent the last week in Ethiopia teaching at a conference for church leaders and laying the foundation for leading multiple trips to this country with the church that I serve. Our flight from Seattle had a stop in Dubai where we spent the night before flying to Ethiopia. The contrast between the city of Dubai, one of the richest in the world, and the country of Ethiopia, one of the poorest in the world, could not be more stark. 

3 Ways to Know If You Are Doing the Right Thing

Ready? Set. Action. This week we are talking about the three components that help us set goals and vision, our head, heart, and hands. Today, we finish up this series looking at how our hands, or actions, carry us to the completion of our goals and vision. Without action, we sit on the dock, dreaming about the great voyage, but never tasting the wind and the sea.


Many people think about their future. In their youth they dream big dreams but without actions they will be the ones looking back on their life with regrets. Let’s look at the way our thoughts and feelings lead us to meaningful actions. 

Is Your Passion Connecting to Your Vision?

Yesterday, we talked about using our head to set the direction and framework for our goals and visions. Today, I want to talk about the value of aligning your heart to what is going on in your head in order for you to push through the challenges and the struggles you will face.


The first image that comes to mind when I think about heart is Rocky Balboa. I’m not sure there has ever been a fictional character with more heart. That guy just doesn’t stop believing and striving and pushing himself to accomplish his vision. 

It Starts Between Your Ears

“Use your head, dummy!” Everyone has heard it and many of us have probably uttered it, unless you are the quite type, and then you just thought it…really loudly. If you want to achieve goals, accomplish a vision, and leave a lasting legacy you need to begin this work between your ears. You need to use your head. Or more specifically, the thing rolling around inside your head. Today, we are going talk about how to take in information and how to use it once it’s there.

Numbers Within

As humans, we are learners. I know, you might not fancy yourself a “learned” person and you might even struggle with the subject of learning, especially in a scholastic setting, but I want to remind you and encourage with three things about who you are as a learner. 

Your 3 Most Vital Body Parts

Two words that are in frequent rotation in my vocabulary are trajectory and legacy. One of my great joys in life is helping people think through the legacy they want to leave behind and then assisting them in setting the trajectory of their life to get them there. This week, I will be writing on the three categories to work through when thinking through things like your legacy, your personal vision statement and your life core values.

Head Heart Hands

The three primary categories I work through when creating something like a personal vision statement are head, heart, and hands. While these concepts should not necessarily be new to you, I would like to work through them to make sure you have a clear understanding of how they will help you bring definition, passion, and determination to your goals.

Unlock the Value of Your Treasure

Have you ever sat down with your monthly bank statement and asked it to tell you what you love? Or have you taken a scavenger hunt through your garage and closets and asked the possession you found to tell you what your deepest values are? Are you the type of person that looks at the receipts that have piled up on your desk or countertop at the end of the month and ask them to reveal to you what your life mission statement is?

Treasure Box

Today, I want to help you find the answers to these questions through examining the treasure of your life.

Developing Your Talent in 3 Easy Steps

You are unique. You are also ordinary. And both of these points should inspire you on a daily basis to grow and develop into the person you have the ability to become. Your normality means you have the common tools and abilities to function and develop. Your uniqueness allows you to hone a particular set of skills that allows your passions to bloom into talents and achievements.


Today, I want to inspire you to discover and develop your talents to bring a deeper sense of purpose to your life and to inspire the people around you.