What To Do When Your Plans Fail?

I did everything I was supposed to do. I took the time to assess the year that was now coming to a close and I took the time to make a plan and develop a strategy for all that I was hoping to accomplish in the year ahead. I was ready and all that needed to happen was for the clock to turn over to the new year and I would be off to the races. But then reality happened and all my plans fell apart.


The #1 Reason Your Goals Will Fail

It’s a new year and you have set a few goals, made a couple of new year resolutions, and even written down a dream you hope to accomplish in the year ahead. Here’s the bad news.


Your goals will not be accomplished, your new year resolutions will be abandoned two weeks into January and your dream will continue to be nothing more than a figment of your imagination. The reason?

3 Ways to be More Confident Right Now

I have always been a pretty confident person, probably due in large part to all of my experience performing for people on stage as a musician and actor from an early age. But I will never forget the day I called one of my best friends from New York telling him I was going to drop out of my masters degree program.

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My confidence was at an all time low. In fact, I had hit the no-confidence rock bottom. I had no idea why I had even come to New York in the first place and I felt exposed as a fraud and someone with no talent whatsoever.

The 8 Building Blocks of Your Daily Schedule

Take a quick moment to think about how today went. Did you accomplish what you set out to do? Did you finish the items on your to-do list? Or was your day a bit scatter brained? Maybe your tired, even exhausted after another day with not much to show for? Today, I want to share with you something that I’m doing to help maximize my daily schedule.


There are many different ways to schedule out your day, but one thing remains consistent between all schedules, we all have a 24 hours to fill. 

What Did You Expect?

When a woman becomes pregnant, she expects to deliver a baby in nine months. As the due date approaches the sense of urgency rises. Is the house ready for this new life? Is the crib built? Is the carseat installed? Do we have enough bibs and blankets? (You can never have enough bibs…babies are constant and consistent droolers.) For you, there was a moment when you had a goal, a vision, a sense of purpose you were walking towards. You expected to conquer your goal and make your vision a reality. Where did your sense of expectancy go?


Earlier, I talked about having a sense of urgency in life. But if we only have urgency and not expectancy we will be nothing but anxious and stressed out. What we need is the two-fold tandem of urgency and expectancy.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Day Off

One of my big takeaways from doing my annual review of 2013 was evaluating how I rest on my day off. I discovered in late 2013 that the way I was resting was actually not very restful and did little to replenish me for the week ahead. I made three changes in 2014 and I am seeing a lot of benefit from these simple adjustments.


I work six days a week with my workweek being Sunday through Friday. That means that Saturday is my one day off a week and if I’m not purposeful with it, it won’t take long before I’m sucking wind and burnt out from not replenishing my system with proper rest.

3 Ways to Maximize Your Time

There is one thing that every person has in common, one great equalizer that no one can purchase more of or be robbed of. This resource is time. Everyone is given the same twenty four hours every day of their life until death comes and we enter into eternity. The question you have to ask yourself every day when you wake up and look in the mirror is, “What am I going to do with my time today?”


I want to share with you three things I have recently done to maximize the 24 hours in each of my days. My hope is that they will help you get more out of your time in order to maximize your potential and bring the vision for your life into reality.