Book Recommendations: Knowing the Bible

This past Sunday I continued our sermons series, “To Be the Church” at Harbor Church with a message on the bible titled, “To Treasure God’s Word.” The big idea is that the bible is a book to be treasured but also to be used. Too often we either treat it like all of the other books we use for information, drawing out what makes us feel good while discarding the things that don’t, or we treat it like a family treasure yet fail to wipe off the dust and actually use it for the betterment of our lives. During the sermon I recommended a few books that I want to make sure you are able to add to your personal libraries at home. 

From God to Us

The first book is titled, “From God to Us: How We Got Our Bible” by Norman Geisler and William Nix. While both Geisler and Nix are seminary professors and scholars they are also pastors who bring abundant information into a very readable and enjoyable book. This is one book I would encourage every Christian family to own.


How to Read the Bible

The second book is “How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth” by Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart. This book will change the way you spend time reading your bible, giving you a deeper and wider context and way to approach mining the treasure that is God’s Word. You can purchase this book on its own or you can purchase it as a bundle pack along with some other very helpful books to use as tools for studying the bible.

Bundle Pack

Finally, the best recommendation for studying God’s Word is having a solid bible to read from on a daily basis. My current favorite bible is the ESV Study Bible which is packed with notes and information to help give you historical context and commentary into each of the sixty six books of the bible as you read them.

I’m praying for you today that you will find time to enjoy God’s Word and that he will illuminate your heart and mind with his incredible truth and that the Spirit of God would empower you and guide you in its life application.

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