3 Ways to Find More Joy in Your Day

I have yet to meet someone who would turn down the opportunity to find a little more joy and happiness in their day so here are three things I’ve been doing to help do just that.


Now, before we jump into the three ways to discover more joy in your day, here is a pre-list freebie. 

Smile. When you take your first look in the mirror, give yourself a smile. I mean, really, doesn’t the picture of you in the morning, with that funky bed-head hairdo and Picasso artwork on your face from the seems on your pillow, deserve a smile and chuckle. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Smile. Enjoy the fact that you are one of the lucky ones who gets to breath air in your lungs today and live.

Freebie over. Back to our regular programming.

Here are three things that won’t cost you anything but some time and a few ounces of mental focus to bring some joy to your heart and help put that smile on your face.

  1. Control your morning. How many of us start off the morning by hitting the snooze button and getting behind the eight-ball when it comes to being in control of your day? We push the limit of our ability to get ready for the day in the shortest amount of time possible, which leads to a rushed and frustrating start to our day. Instead of hitting the snooze button, set your alarm for 15 minutes early tomorrow. You won’t miss the sleep and you’ll actually get to do something you’ve probably wanted to for years but never seem to have time for like actually putting your makeup on in your bathroom instead of your car, eating breakfast, reading your bible or catching up on the news. Take control of your morning and start the day in control and in charge.
  2. Do something intentional and thoughtful for someone else. Maybe you pick up coffee or doughnuts for your coworkers or you rally some friends to chip in and buy the janitor two tickets to the upcoming show featuring the band he’s always singing in the hallways. Maybe you buy an extra sandwich for the busker who’s always playing on the corner near your favorite lunch hangout or you call that friend who now has three young children and you tell her to drop off the kids at your house to give her two hours to do some grocery shopping by herself without the stress of wrangling the kids. There are hundreds of things you can do, many of them that won’t cost you anything but a little time and paying a little attention to the people all around you. You’ll be surprised how good it feels to not be constantly thinking about yourself all the time.
  3. Don’t exhaust all of your energy at the office. As you’re planning out your work day or even hitting the home stretch of it, make sure to not leave 100% on the playing field and not leave any energy for your spouse, children, or friends you will be spending time with in the closing section of your day. When I was young I thought I had boundless energy and I loved my job and would leave it all on the field in my work day. While this mentality might have worked when I was single (I’m still not convinced) it definitely didn’t work once I got married. My wife wanted to connect and catch up after our work day but I was so drained and fatigued that I was a bad listener and an even worse conversationalist. Learn from my mistakes and be cognitive of your energy levels throughout the day. If you know you have a really packed day ahead, leave yourself some time towards the end to collect your thoughts and think about how you can leave some energy for the home you’re about to walk into. If a lighter day is on your schedule, think about how you might go out of your way to do something special for your family with that extra energy you have. Bringing joy to the people you love will bring joy to you.

I hope these three simple things help you find the joy that is right under your nose if you just take a little time and effort to unearth it.

What are some ways you find joy in the regular rhythms and routines of your day?

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